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Pip Studio

New wallpaper for a cozy atmosphere

Wallpaper gives any room a unique ambiance and colour. Fond of cheerful colours and love to give your home the occasional makeover? Pip Studio has a variety of unique patterns that are guaranteed to inspire you each and every day.

Neutral wallpaper

Pip Studio wallpaper comes in a wide range of colours and creates a cheerful mood in any interior. Prefer a more serene look & feel? The beige, khaki, taupe or white wallpaper is just what you’re looking for. These neutral and basic colours can be found in, for example, our Good Nightingale, Origami Tree, Festa di Lividonia and Spring to Life collections.

Colourful wallpaper with a pattern

There is also plenty of choice for the more colourful personalities among us. The pink, green or blue wallpaper, for instance, is a real eye-catcher in any living room. Have a look at the Tokyo Blossom, la Majorelle, Blurred Lines or Chinese Porcelain collections and get your dose of daily inspiration from one of these cheerful prints.

Unique Pip Studio designs

Pip Studio is synonymous with wallpaper with a unique design. Whether you’re looking for a floral print, stripes or other cheerful design, you’ll find it all at Pip Studio. The range consists of more than thirty different collections and designs to give your entire home a complete make-over!

Make your interior complete

Looking for the perfect finishing touch for your interior? Get inspired by our home accessories, including cushions, candles, carpets and vases. Combine delightful prints and colours for the perfect finishing touch!

Pip Studio Collection

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